Welcome to The Finance Pill!

Through this blog, we at The Finance Pill aim to share essential financial ideas and hacks that can make your wallet and even your bank account a  lot heavier. And we say ‘hacks’ and not ‘advise’ because we are not financial advisors and everything we have learned and realized so far, we have gained through countless hours of research and experience – which is exactly what we want to share with our readers.

So, what exactly is the goal of this blog and who is it for?

The plain and simple goal is to expand your financial knowledge and show you the ways to save the most money, efficiently. 

The Finance Pill is aimed at anyone who wants to master the discipline of saving money. 

Almost everyone knows how to save a few dollars through cash backs and that you should save money for retirement. But does everyone know the most efficient and effective ways to get this done?

How do you go from a few cash back dollars to hundreds of cash back dollars? How do you increase your tax savings by thousands of dollars? This is precisely what you are going to learn from this blog.

Some of the topics that we will cover on this blog:

  • Refinancing – How to save the most money?
  • Credit Cards – What is that one credit you must have in your wallet?
  • Retirement Planning – How to efficiently increase your retirement savings?
  Please stay tuned for more finance pills!